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Coffee done ”old-school” …


No bells or whistles, sensors or fancy infrared color detectors
… just artisan, small-batch coffee roasting perfected through the senses of sound, sight, and smell.  Using two circa-1914 A.J. Deer Co. Royal #5 cast iron coffee roasters, we bring more than 35 single-origin green coffee varieties to life.  Each bean has its own roasting characteristics … whether an ideal roasting time, temperature, or finished appearance.  At Bean Therapy we don’t roast everything the same way or by following a cookie-cutter checklist.  We roast to order, in a way that truly maximizes the flavor characteristics of the specific bean variety.       

Choose from favorites such as Colombia Supremo, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Sumatra Mandehling, Brazil Cerrado, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Celebes Kalossi … or pick from our 80 flavored coffee varieties, many also available in decaf!

So if you are looking for the freshest coffee, roasted right and shipped to you in just a day or two, give us a try!  And remember …

"[Good] Coffee Fixes Everything!" 

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The Cotton Company                                           The Galleria         
 306 South White Street                              9650 Strickland Road  
 Wake Forest, NC 27587                              Raleigh, NC  27615     
Mon - Thu 10-6                                            Mon - Fri 10-6
Fri & Sat 10-8, Sun 1-5                                    Sat & Sun 10-5    


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