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GREEN COFFEE SALE for all of our home roasters!
Select bean varieties just $4.00 per lb

e may be small...but we care about what we do.   

From selecting the very best beans, to getting our c1908 cast iron roasters at the optimal temperature, your "perfect cup" remains our primary goal.  

No bells or whistles.  No humidity sensors, color spectrophotometers, or digital timers.  We roast only by sound, sight and smell.  Call us "old-school", but we believe great coffee is in the beans, roasting process and timing ... always made to order--not mass-produced and stored on warehouse shelves for months before you buy.  At Bean Therapy, every order is roasted to order ... period.  If you haven't tried really fresh coffee in a while, give us a try!




Always FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more....

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