Bean Therapy
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Est. 2012

Who are we?  We are a small, family-owned business truly dedicated to the customers we serve.  We roast all of our coffee in small batches, using two 100+ year old  cast iron A.J. Deer Royal #5 roasters.  Sure, there are quicker and more technologically advanced ways to roast coffee … but we prefer to keep it “old school”.  Roasting the way we do requires constant attention, frequent testing, perfect timing, and a little patience along the way; but in the end, the quality and character of the beans cannot be beat.   

Our History.   We didn't always roast coffee.  In fact, for the 25 years leading up to January 2010, we were both serving in the United States Air Force.   During a combined 47 years in uniform, we had the opportunity to visit many different countries, climates, and cultures … and along the way had the chance to sample various coffees and teas from around the world.  From a true Italian espresso, to Japanese, Korean and even Egyptian teas, we learned quite a bit about various “local” preferences and the influences culture and topographical conditions have on both coffee and tea. 

After long, rewarding careers in military service, we wanted to continue providing some sort of benefit or contribution to our local community—and so, Bean Therapy was born.  Realizing there was a void in Wake Forest for a good hometown coffee roaster, we decided to explore the feasibility of opening a coffee and tea outlet of our very own.

Bean Therapy.  So we did it.  We aren’t the biggest by any stretch, but we are truly committed to producing only the best coffee, and offering only the highest quality teas and candies.  We roast, flavor, package, and ship coffee beans grown in all parts of the world.  We research, source, and bag exotic teas to sell in our retail and on-line store.  And we have the best candy available.  Not your common run-of-the-mill candy … instead, how about coffee and crème almonds, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, or chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes?

Thank-you!  We appreciate your taking the time to visit our website, and for reading just a little about us. We look forward to serving you and hope you will come back soon!