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Loose Leaf Tea

Indian-inspired spiced tea.
Green Tea
Refreshing, great-tasting tea packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.
Herbal Tea (Tisanes)
Herbal teas offer a natural, caffeine-free remedy for soothing & healing the body.
Herb & Fruit Tea (Tisanes)
Caffeine-free, sugar-free drinks packed full of Vitamin C and great fruity taste. They make great popsicle treats!
Oolong Tea
Semi-oxidized teas with distinctive flavors and aromas that fall between those of black and green teas: less sweet than black teas; more floral than green. Moderate caffeine content.
Eco-friendly teas free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
Rooibos Tea (Tisanes)
A naturally caffeine-free tea with a fruity, mild flavor.
Specialty Tea
Specially blended teas that offer unique and flavorful experiences.
White Tea
Light, delicate teas high in antioxidants & low in caffeine.
Decaf Tea
Processed without chemicals, these teas retain all of the depth and flavor of their caffeinated counterparts.